In March 2003, we visited Kew Bridge Steam Museum. A beautiful old listed building in the heart of London, it houses a large collection of superbly restored stationary engines, the centrepiece of the collection being the two huge beam engine, the 90 inch Grand Junction engine and 100 inch engine alongside. The atmosphere is fantastic, the engineering impeccably maintained and run, the tea excellent and the admission charge modest. Thoroughly recommended - their website gives full directions and opening times.

The pictures are all thumbnailed, just click on them if you want a closer look.


The Dancer's End twin beam engine, 1867

Top cylinder cover of the Grand Junction 90 inch beam engine - at three storeys high, it's difficult to convey scale with a single picture!


Hathorn Davey triple expansion engine. I could have sat and watched this engine all day.

Small Robey horizontal engine of 1900 - it's in a dark corner, the blur is a slow shutter, not a fast engine!

Attractive little horizontal engine - I didn't get the make, if there are any Kew experts out there, let me know


Waddon horizontal cross compound. This engine got my award for "engine I would most like to take home". The curator very kindly let me wriggle inside (he did have the decency to stop the engine first!) so that I could get some close-ups of the lubricator, the same type as fitted to my Marshall vertical engine.
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