7 1/4 inch gauge Feldbahn-FC7 0-6-0

First shown at the Echtdampf-Hallentreffen steam meeting in Karlsruhe, January 2015, Feldbahn-FC7 has been developed from our popular Feldbahn design. 

Weighing in at around half a ton, with 3 1/4 inch bore cylinders and boiler pressed to 150psi, the engine is suitable for the larger garden railway or most demanding of club applications. Available in both 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 wheel arrangements, with outside frames and flycranks for 7 1/4 inch gauge as shown here, or with inside frames for 10 1/4 inch gauge.

The first batch of four large engines all sold before completion - three remain in the UK, one has gone overseas. We are currently working on a further batch of eight, due for delivery later in the year. There is a short clip here of the engine pictured below running outside the workshop, prior to delivery.

Download the current price list for all our engines, in ready to run or kit build form  

Length 65 inches
Width 26 1/2 inches

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