There are a lot of videos of Staffords working all around the world - some we've shot ourselves, others have been posted by owners who have kindly sent us a link.

Listed below is a selection of videos of the engines we've built in recent years - if you've found any other good ones, let us know!


What, where... ...and when
Feldbahn at Évreux Christmas market December 2016
5 inch gauge Feldbahn FC5 0-6-0 pre-delivery steam trial June 2016
Feldbahn running indoors at Echtdampf-Hallentreffen January 2015
Timelapse video of Feldbahn running indoors at Echtdampf-Hallentreffen January 2015
Feldbahn running at the Christmas Market Rüsselsheim Sep 2014
Stafford-FC7 running at Evergreens Miniature Railway prior to delivery November 2014
"Gentoo 2" - Feldbahn 0-6-0 inaugural run at Pinewood Miniature Railway Sep 2014
Running at Stoomgroep West Miniature Railway, Holland Aug 2014
New Stafford FC7 running on the rolling road May 2014
Railway building with 1339 on a works train March 2014
1340 visiting Weston Park August 2013
Cindebarrow Miniature Railway July 2013
"Gentoo" running a goods train June 2013
26 passengers plus the driver behind "Helen" at Wakefield June 2013
"A Stafford running in the Lowlands" - and I don't think they mean Lincolnshire... May 2013
Pinewood Miniature Railway Station Road Steam / Ride on Railways owner's rally - another perspective May 2013
Pinewood Miniature Railway Station Road Steam / Ride on Railways owner's rally May 2013
1326 working at Nienoord, Netherlands May 2013
Stafford working on a fine private railway, complete with lake and steam launch May 2013
Open day at a large private railway, with the owner's Stafford in action May 2013
"Helen" working hard at Wakefield Club with two tons behind May 2013
Second "Feldbahn", destined for a commercial railway in the Midlands (which already runs two Staffords) February 2013
First "Feldbahn" off the production line, pre-delivery steam test January 2013
Works number 1305 with a 1000Kg test load on challenging gradients in Australia New Year 2012
Works no.1326 on test in workshop prior to shipping to the Netherlands November 2012
"Lady Pamela" at Stafford County Showground October 2012
"Gentoo" - documentary of a day's running, from firing up first thing in the morning September 2012
Double-heading Staffords at Pinewood Miniature Railway September 2012
Works no.1316 at Evergreens Miniature Railway (where we did much of the development work on 1300 - works no.1313 lives there as well) September 2012
Works no.1316 "Helen" at Comrie, good driving and video editing from the owner! September 2012
"Gentoo" running at Pinewood Miniature Railway August 2012
1300 running around at Chingford Open Day - we loaned it to the club's junior section for 2012 July 2012
"Peke Ming" running at Evergreens Miniature Railway April 2012
One of the Coalyard Miniature Railway's two Staffords running at Kidderminster March 2012
Santa Specials at Pinewood Miniature Railway - Stafford in company with a C19 December 2011
Double-heading at Ridgeway Park, 1300 and "Elanay" May 2012
The ever immaculate "Gentoo" running at the 7 1/4 Society AGM, Swindon October 2011
"Tihany" running at Abbeydale Miniature Railway September 2011
Works no.1305 running at Kingston Miniature Railway, Canberra September 2011
1300 working hard over a holiday weekend at the NRM, taking over £1000 in fares for the museum March 2011
"Have a go on a Stafford" at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition (with the ever-dependable works demonstrator, 1300) October 2011
Works no.1300 running at Evergreen Miniature Railway September 2009
Our prototype engine "Len" running at the club in 2009 July 2009

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